Frog Procedure

So first of all, once I had been introduced about making a bouncing paper frog, I was kind of looking forward to it. It could be one of those things that I play around with as I’m thinking, doing my homework, etc… In addition, i thought it would be simple and straightforward. Plus, it would be pretty cool to have an origami frog in your room for show. Having a paper frog is weird but pretty cool at the same time according to me. It would make you look creative if anyone other than yourself entered your room and looked around to find the frog just sitting on the desk.

A thought that never crossed my mind was the procedure being a bit tough. I thought I was good at folding, and I was, to some extent. The phrase “it’s easier said than done” is one sentence I would use to describe the procedure. When the teacher was folding it, I thought to myself that it wouldn’t be that tough. But, when I had tried it, it was kind of tough and I couldn’t get the paper to fold properly. The folds that was asked for me to make, was very confusing and it was, funnily enough, something that I was very unfamiliar with.

The only thing that was easy for me, was after we got the basic shape of the frog. I had managed to make mine jump pretty far when I tested it. The folding was very simple from there, nothing too complex for me. The folds were not as tough as it was when initially making it. It was at this moment when I really started to enjoy making the frog. I had alot of fun making the frog jump, and that got me happy and motivated because what I was doing, was working. However, a teacher from out of the class had called me to talk about something, so I could not completely finish the frog with the flashing lights.

For all that I did with making the frog (before the light), I would say that I was successful. However, I did not single-handedly construct the frog. I had requested needed help from my peers and my teacher in order to make the frog successful. If I could try this again, I know that I could make my folds more smooth and I am fairly certain that I could do this by myself with the procedure given to me.

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