Gerald’s True Character by Eshan Shakir

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Reality Boy, is a realistic fiction novel written by A.S King. It is about 17 year old Gerald Faust, who has an anger management problem,because of a traumatic event that centered him, 12 years ago.

5 year old Gerald Faust, had crapped on the dinner table, out of anger.

He. Crapped. On. The. Table.

This was on live TV, for millions of people to see, potentially scarring Gerald for years. For those 12 years after that event, it is evident that Gerald is navigating his life, bearing the fact that he had done something so stupid, in front of millions.

At the start of the book, Gerald lives his life around people whom he hates, with an exception of few. Obstacles like his threatening Older Sister, customers at his job, who had seen him on TV, people at his school, increase his anger. Because of that anger, he isolates himself from the real world. Time and time from the book, Gerald tries to get out of his social bubble but it is proving impossible because of how embarrassing his past was.

A traumatic event that was seen by millions of people.

He has been bullied ever since then.

Receiving little love from his family.

No human being in the world can go untouched from this. Can you go untouched from this? Ask yourself that, but I’m sure I already know the answer. That is why I think, ever since Gerald Faust had crapped on the table for millions to see, he has had suicidal thoughts, instead of limitless anger, which was the author’s intent.

First of all, let’s touch off from the root of the problem, his family. His Mum had invited a reality TV crew to film Gerald’s hectic family. The point of this whole reality show was meant to demonstrate how Gerald’s family was (loud and unsettling), and how it would be in the end, with hopes of making the family better. This did NOT work. It was the exact opposite and drifted the family further from each other. It’s safe to say that this TV show failed, but gained a lot of publicity because of the crapping incident.

The fact that his Mum would let in 20 cameras around the house, without the consent of her Children, is beyond me. If that wasn’t enough, Gerald’s older sister, Tasha, had been abusing Gerald time and time again, making Gerald’s anger build up. Keep in mind, this is all for the public to see. Every moment of Gerald’s suffering was taped. Now it wouldn’t make much sense to five year-old Gerald at the time, but in present, he is reminded of it EVERY day, and he questions his Mother to why she even considered that in the first place.

“I want to sleep and never wake up” – Gerald Faust

Throughout the whole book Gerald goes to his happy place once in a while. Gersday. In the line above he is in fact referring to Gersday, A place where he can do whatever he wants and sees his own view of the world. Nobody reminding him of his past.

He denies reality. He denies life. He denies himself. He denies who is around him.

“I am no one and I don’t want to be anyone” – Gerald Faust

A customer walks up to him and says: “Hey, aren’t you the crapper?” And he replies with the line above.

The author intended this line for Gerald to deny what he did in the past, when somebody asks him of it. But I think it’s much more than that. The first 100 pages of the book, Gerald is going through work, through his family and through his school where he enjoys none of it because he constantly gets reminded of his past. Random strangers ridicule him for something so stupid. This causes insecurity within Gerald, He doesn’t wanna be anyone because he doesn’t want to associate himself with any type of embarrxvee. assment. That’s what I think that line means. It may not look like that on the surface, but if you think about it, it can be interpreted that way.

“Even if he bites my face off. Even if he kills me. I can take it. I almost wish he’d fucking do it already. Because im sure everyone would be happier.” – Gerald Faust

There is no deeper meaning to be found in this because it’s already to prove my point that he’s suicidal. From all of the points and background mentioned, he hates how life is going at the moment. I don’t know if the author intended Gerald to be portrayed this way because he never specifically says that this is what is going on in his head. Throughout the whole book, this the biggest line of Gerald’s that relates to suicide, no other phrase/sentences of his had come close. It could all just be an anger management issue, but there is no doubt that this quote proves my point to the fact that he is suicidal.

I’m no expert on depression and mental health, but I know without a doubt that anger issues and suicidal thoughts have a strong relation. You feel angry, and in the end you regret it, which makes you sad. That’s how it is for Gerald all the time. Could you imagine it? Trying to live with a past like that, where you don’t know who the hell you could trust.

I’m positive that A.S King had plans for Gerald to have a major anger management issue, and nothing deeper, but these are signs of someone suicidal. If A.S King had intended this, then he is pretty smart to hint these tiny clues for close readers to see, but that is very unlikely. This book is meant to be satirical but shows a definite deeper meaning under. Gerald’s character is a special one because he keeps moving forward despite what he has faced.

Wooden Rope Puzzle

For this project, our task was to create a wooden rope puzzle, like this one:

What you’re meant to do here, is to get the 2 ropes to be untouched by one and other. This project was the first time, that we had to start to work with wood. I hadn’t worked with wood at all before so I didn’t how it would all play out. would play out.

First of all, we needed 2 blocks of wood, as you see in the picture above. Ofcourse we had to cut out these 2 pieces ourselves. I hadn’t worked with saw that much so I wasn’t really familiar with cutting wood funnily enough.

Its one of those things, where you do it, and you learn from the experience right away. It was not that hard after getting used to it. Now that we had 2 slabs of wood, we needed to drill 2 holes on each slab. This was my first time working with a drill, and as I said before, it gets easier as you use it. I had little difficulty with the drill and had managed to drill through the wood easily. All what was left to do was to tie the rope and then tie the other end. This wasn’t worth mentioning since it was not the main point of the project.

I would say this project succeeded in introducing me into the basics of woodwork. Although this is extremely basic, its a first for everyone and I feel like I could do better with more challenging woodwork. I would have wanted to be a bit more precise when I was to cut out my slabs of wood. Other than that I enjoyed doing this project and want to continue on with woodwork.

Photoshop Heaven

So, for this CYO project, we needed to learn the ways of photoshop, and apply it to pictures we took. So, we had one class dedicated to taking pictures, so that it can be used for photoshop.

What photoshop basically is, is that you get a picture and you can edit in any way you like. It’s hard to describe because there are no limits of photoshop. You could photoshop a picture and make it so edited that the original one, and the photoshopped one, are 2 completely different pictures, and you had no way of telling them apart.

We were asked to photoshop two images, which we had taken ourselves.

These were two of my images that I was going to photoshop:

So now, I had to edit these pictures to make them better than what they are currently.

I must say that I had alot of fun doing this project. I didn’t have many difficulties while doing this project, so it was an easy breeze for me. What I really enjoyed most about this project was how easy it was to manipulate the elements of photoshop. I wanted the first picture of me to be an ad, mocking big bazaar because I have seen many ads like those when I was in big bazaar. I had alot of fun with it, because I wanted to portray myself as a model. I didn’t for it to be serious at all, I just wanted to have fun with it, and it really looks legit. For the 2nd picture, it was pretty basic and easy. I just changed the lighting and texture. Nothing challenging about that. When i come to think of it, I don’t think that I really pushed myself in this project enough. If i could do this again, I would manipulate more elements of photoshop and use it to my liking

Light up Pencil Case

So what we needed to do for this project, was to create a pencil case, and then attach flashing lights to it, so that it is more than just a normal pencil case. There are 2 parts of this, making the pencil case, and then coding the lights so that it flashes a certain way.

First of all we needed to create a pencil case, which was all about sewing. The thing is, I’m not really good at sewing so it making the pencil case was kind of difficult. To the two pieces of cloth to match up perfectly, AND THEN to sew it together, was very hard for me to do. I did it though, it took a few tries. If that wasn’t hard enough, we had to apply zippers to the pencil case, so that it actually is a pencil case. Luckily, Ms. Cullen had done this part to me so I owe her a huge one for that.

After we had the pencil case done, we needed to familiarise ourselves with actually coding the lights a certain way, so we can attach it to our pencil case. I’m not gonna lie, this was actually pretty cool to do, and how you can manipulate the arduino board to flash in a way in which you want it to. I didn’t really like coding at the start. I thought that every little thing had to be just perfect, and it would take hours to get the lights to flash in a particular way. I do think that what I’m talking about is true, but not in this case, since it’s just making lights flash on and off. To be honest, it turned out to be pretty easy. After knowing what codes to apply to the arduino board, it was easy to manipulate those codes so that you can do it your own way. I even made a morse code of my own name with using the board, and I didn’t have much difficulty doing so.

Now that we were done with coding the arduino board, as well as the pencil case, we need to combine these two parts together. This was no doubt one of the most frustrating parts of a project I had ever done. There was this thread known as conductive thread, and basically if you touch it on one end to a battery then another end to a light, it should flash in the way you told it to. That is exactly what we had to do. We broke our arduino board up and had to sew it onto the pencil case. One thread for each light, so we needed 4 lights in total. However, the frustrating part was that the thread cannot touch any other thread. This took quite some time but I eventually got it.

This project was most definitely difficult than any other project we had done. However, it did improve my skills in sewing, so I am grateful for that. If I would do it again, I know i’d do much better than last time since I now have a bit of experience with coding and sewing.


This was my first ever time 3D printing. I had never done it before. I didn’t know how it would work in full detail, but that wasn’t required from me. We were asked to create a keychain that symbolises our name. At first, I thought it would be pretty easy to make a keychain with my name on it. But I remembered about how I underestimated the frog project so I had the mindset that it would be something which was not easy. Even though I had that mindset, the back of my mind didn’t think much of it and thought it would be very simple. There was nothing I could do to stop that thought. I did not expect this to be challenging, I expected this to be a fun little thing to do for the class.

The procedure was very basic and simple. We had to create our design online. Once we were happy with it, it goes to get 3D printed, and we would not get our designs until the next class. After that, we receive our rough-edged design. We smoothen up our designs with sandpaper and the last thing to do, is to hydro dip it (basically colour our design). In my opinion, there was nothing hard about this. Making the design was fairly easy. Sand papering it wasn’t really a challenge and hydro dipping it was just very fun. I was really happy with how mine turned out, when it had just been 3D printed. I did not expect it to be as smooth as it did when I had gotten it.

I thought that I had been pretty successful with this project. My rough 3D design had come out really well. Better than I expected. I had chosen blue and white for hydro dipping. That is one thing that I would have to change. 2 colours don’t really work out in my opinion. I would have liked to only kept it one colour instead of using two. The white looks as if it was just splashed on the blue, as opposed to actually blending in with the blue. If it had been one colour, it would have looked more smooth and clean. I would have preferred to have my name coloured in just white. I feel that it would look much better that way.

Frog Procedure

So first of all, once I had been introduced about making a bouncing paper frog, I was kind of looking forward to it. It could be one of those things that I play around with as I’m thinking, doing my homework, etc… In addition, i thought it would be simple and straightforward. Plus, it would be pretty cool to have an origami frog in your room for show. Having a paper frog is weird but pretty cool at the same time according to me. It would make you look creative if anyone other than yourself entered your room and looked around to find the frog just sitting on the desk.

A thought that never crossed my mind was the procedure being a bit tough. I thought I was good at folding, and I was, to some extent. The phrase “it’s easier said than done” is one sentence I would use to describe the procedure. When the teacher was folding it, I thought to myself that it wouldn’t be that tough. But, when I had tried it, it was kind of tough and I couldn’t get the paper to fold properly. The folds that was asked for me to make, was very confusing and it was, funnily enough, something that I was very unfamiliar with.

The only thing that was easy for me, was after we got the basic shape of the frog. I had managed to make mine jump pretty far when I tested it. The folding was very simple from there, nothing too complex for me. The folds were not as tough as it was when initially making it. It was at this moment when I really started to enjoy making the frog. I had alot of fun making the frog jump, and that got me happy and motivated because what I was doing, was working. However, a teacher from out of the class had called me to talk about something, so I could not completely finish the frog with the flashing lights.

For all that I did with making the frog (before the light), I would say that I was successful. However, I did not single-handedly construct the frog. I had requested needed help from my peers and my teacher in order to make the frog successful. If I could try this again, I know that I could make my folds more smooth and I am fairly certain that I could do this by myself with the procedure given to me.

Eshan’s Historical Fiction Vignettes 

That’s Just How It Is

I breathed in the fresh city air as I pace towards my Job. I wasn’t needed in the countryside anymore. I was shamefully replaced by a machine… So were hundreds of other people I know. God knows what they’re doing right now. The industrial revolution is well under way–I don’t think i can keep up. Well, that is why I’m here, working at a mass production factory. It’s worlds apart from fun, but whatever pays the bills. I enter the factory and the minute I do, I get shouted at.

 I get called names everyday, I’ve been threatened to be hurt and hell, they would even threaten to cut some of my wage off if my hair wasn’t done a certain way or if my shoes weren’t polished properly. They would put every single flaw on my road just to save money for themselves.

That’s just how it is.

Hey! You! Why aren’t your shoes all clean? And that hair! My “boss” said violently.

But sir, that isn’t of your c-c-concern, I reply back as I tremble with my words.

Did you just talk back to me!? He shouted. I’m cutting your wage off by 25 percent! Let this be a lesson for others to never talk back to your boss, He added on.

 It’s like roaming in pitch-black darkness. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it, but it’s hard to walk around. You’re definitely going to trip and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  I really do wish I could say something back. However, in this world, there are superiors and inferiors. My family are depending on me to flourish their lives–that’s what i’ve been working for all this time. I quit my daydreaming and get to work as soon as possible. I try to hear for sounds other than the work of the machines. But I hear absolutely nothing. No chatter whatsoever. 

That’s just how it is.

 I don’t see it getting any better. One unapproved word and your wage is probably cut in half.

 That’s just how it is.

 No justice in the air at all. I do my work quietly just as how everybody else is doing. I drop an item and it shatters into pieces. I try to cover it up but it’s too late. My “boss” starts to yell at me. He starts to say these nasty words about my family and I. I couldn’t handle it one single bit. But I suppress my anger. I forcefully stop my volcano from erupting. 

He is superior to me and that’s just how it is.


My Long Lost Brother

My Brother, whom I haven’t seen for 3 years is finally in front of me. My Brother, who stuck by my side even during the darkest days. My Brother, whom I love worlds more than my parents. I could never see the day where I would meet him again. He, without us knowing, left for work to the US to give Ma, Pa and I a better life. Atleast, thats why I think he left home. Now that I’m finally 18, I could do the same, but now I’m sure I’ll give my family a better life.

 I take one step towards him.

I remember, so long ago, on a rainy night I was crying. The rain was assaulting the ground brutally and the sky was of pitch-black darkness. He stuck by me, he let me sleep in absolute warmth while he kept his eyes open for me. I do remember that we had school tomorrow on that day. But I guess that didn’t matter to him… When it comes to me, it never did.

I take another step towards him.

Then there’s that day… The day I so wish to forget but it seems nearly impossible. The day where I wish I could just—

July 2nd, 1898 was the day he left for America. Like a knife to my heart. That knife is still within me, it was never taken out, since I’ve never gotten over it. I know he loves us, but he never told us that he went. He only left a note. Is that all we are to him? Is that all a family is to him? A note?

Everybody clears out of the ferry in a blink of an eye, while I slowly take my steps. I take in deep breaths.

He’s out there. He’s looking for me. Like I’m an escapee.

I shake my head along with my thoughts. I get off the ferry and I head towards my Brother. 

Hey, I said nervously.

Not now, I’m looking for my Brother, He responds.


The Ride To The US

My past is buried underground. My wretched, crooked past is finally behind my eye. I want to start a new life in the USA. No, I WILL start a new life here. 
Here are your papers sir, welcome to the US, the official says,

Thank you very much, I respond.

I carry my bag on the right, and my map on the left. It’s time to start all over again. I take my very first steps on the ferry to the city. Although there was no true difference as of now, I feel like i’m in on another planet. The air is fresh, the atmosphere is emotionally warm, and I feel free. I am ready to become someone new. I’m ready to become someone loved. I’m ready to become someone well known. I keep these positive emotions in my head–I’ll need it for all the events I’ll face in the upcAs I wait for the ferry to arrive to the main city, I get weird looks shot at my direction. I feel a slight unease in my stomach. What did I do? Is my hair alright? Every possible negative thought goes in and out of my head. I move to another spot. Nothing changes. It’s as if I’m being constantly poked wherever I go. I feel as if  time goes by slower if I’m in a problem, and it goes faster if im not in one and iI can’t take the weird looks from these people. Suddenly, to my left, a man initiates a conversation with me.

You should not be here, the man says with a confused look on his face.

Why? This is a country of freedom, I reply back.

B-b-but you’re Italian… it says on your bag, He says, but louder.

 The man does not say anything after that. I tried to say something back but before I could, he pretended he never even talked to me. Like I was just an illusion.What is the USA? My late Papa told me it was a friendly country, full of opportunities. He never ever said that they are rude and judgemental. I never thought a country like this would remind me of back home.